Aldesoc, Asociación Latinoamericana para el Desarrollo Social del Conocimiento


Presentation of ALDESOC (EN)

ALDESOC (Latin-American Association for Social Development of Knowledge) is a non governmental organization founded in 1999 in the general context to help to set up thoughts and ideas which would foster new rights and values in the knowledge society. Within its objectives there is a to recognize global environment ; to foster new values and rights ; to enhance the development of new cooperation relationships ; to promote the responsible use of technologies ; to participate in a global educational project within a lasting program of a long life learning and the birth of the new citizen for the knowledge society sprang out from his cultural diversity.

The association’ members are from Latin-American and Spain although there are people from other nationalities too.

Our main work has been coordinating projects in association with other organizations or alone, but also teaching adults, giving legal and labour advice, and promote the diffusion of different cultures for achieved integration of them.

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