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New encounter for the Elba Project in Italy

All members participating in the Elba project will be attending a workshop course in Carpi-Italy.

The adults training in new methodologies is a way of bridging the gap between different generations of adults who have abandonned school very early or who couldn’t achieve formal education when young due to their earlier insertion in the labour market.

Our project intends to offer facilities to adults for their e-learning and their fair participation in social and political global development. These ageing generations who have achieved full maturation are able to contribute to help to create conditions for the rising society, the knowledge society.

Already liberated from their labour-wages work they could dedy themselves to open minded , creative and useful activities in accordance with these new times.

Our workshop in Italy intends to contribute to the training of these adults, teachers and pupils, or likely others, who can learn how to digitize texts, how to store documents in order to prepare for editing and to learn to use digital libraries for the dissemination of culture.


Coordinator of Elba Project

Carpi Agenda for Elba Project

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