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Conclusions of Toolkit project (2010-2012)

Madrid, 17 de Septiembre de 2012

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We likely accomplished the end of two year’s project entitled "Toolkit for integration". Therefore a sum up of our activities will either flow from proper interest and motivation, reflection, thinking, good or bad work or let it run nowhere.

As a partner of this project I’ve drawn interesting experiences from the education centres we have visited along these years which could be applicable to us, providing new education trends start to be envisaged in the realm of learning by doing and cooperative learning methodologies, thus becoming top priority for our own educative environment.

Within the context of the project we had he opportunity to enter in touch with arts& crafts, literature, music, drama and theater and enhance communication skills especially related to spoken and written language and performing, acting experiences during the development of several activities besides testing the different sensitivities of peoples within the art and craft exhibitions, seminars and music concerts. In addition I was pleased to know more about passion for their work some partners endevoured by publications in social network as facebook.

Target groups dsimayed staff and learners by refusing to acomplish project tasks as mobilities and exchange abroad. The reason for their refusal was their fear to get in touch with unknown environments and people. These learners were students of basic knowledge qualification. The majority of them were immigrans. Finally despite this unpleasant situation including several teachers strikes we had tackled to manage work and project activities set in work plan 2010-2012.

the above description of our situation leads to highlight that current changes in today’s society haven’t reached education communities yet as expected. In fact it’s application is far behind of what’s being approved and recommended at high European levels. We continue to make teaching and learning offers to our students which don’t go aligned to social continuous changes. On the contrary we are reinforcing old and awkward means of teaching and learning methods. However our standpoint is to be aware to what’s demanded by students and teachers and introducing new methodologies within the learning an teaching processes.

I appeal then to serious and reflective thinking on education issues which would really stem from learners worries and life healing the profound education wounds.

In teh end we managed to create a toolkit where several tools seem appropriated to different learning processes and be used by their teachers in order to improve and innovate education methodologies. You may find those and related information in our website

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