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A set of tools for education purpose

When we think on a set of tools for cultural diversity we rather think on a box which will contain a set of elaborate tools to be used by both individuals and groups for social integration purposes. We may ask then who are these individuals or groups, their cultural environment, their characteristics, their familiy life, their working activity. Follow to this study we can then think on the suitable tools applicable to them and their needs.

Our main work consists therefore on creating the tools which will be used by the target groups or individuals subject of our study. These tools will stemm from different sources using new pedagogical methodologies and cooperative learning network according to the real deeds of the individuals. Only then we can endure a real advancement in the integration process.

The integration process takes place when it can preserve the cultural diversity of each other and act as a whole in true communication and conviviality within the society so the toolkit should be such that anyone within a group could use them for the benefit of the whole community No distinctions between excluded and integrated then occur . All have the same opportunities to use the created tools for their individual and collective benefice. In addition the renovation of tools is permanent as society changes permanently.

The bad use of these tools can reverse the positive effects of integration. This currently happens as the updating of tools is neglected by educators and learners in their irrespective teaching and learning processes.

Lastly we can add that although our created tools are a powerful support in the hands of educators, teachers and learners need to change mind, to evolve to higher levels of understanding, to renew the vision on education aims if they want to achieve successfully an integration process.

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