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What’s A Toolkit for Integration’s project ?

The aim of this two year’s project (20010-2012) is to enhance opportunities to0 learning supported by arts and craft work, thus increasing self confidence of adults learners at risk of social exclusion. We intend to share best practice and develop a portfolio of tools which focus on the use of theater, music art and craft work in the teaching and learning processes not only to help people to learn but to communicate with the others stemming from the own cultural roots and features of the respective partner countries in order to make a new headway.

Art and craft have always been fundamental elements in shaping identity. The project will make use of it providing new chances for learners to gain or regain self esteem. All project partners have a well established track record in working with the project’s target group. Showcased methods will range from traditional training of communication and presentation skills including role play and video supported evaluation to music based approaches including opened public performances.

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